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PC based Digital Power Protection Mointoring (GIPAM)-IEG 6401

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•A wide range of numbers / monitoring for protection of distribution facilities, Measure, provide the over-current
  protection function against temporary and instantaneous elements.
•It is possible to conduct practice with sense of realism by using really-commercialized industrial equipment.
•By using PC interface program(G2K Manager), all kinds of relaying elements and various functions can be set up
•Monitoring through MIMIC Diagram is made available and operational status of a circuit breaker can be checked
•Up to 800 event records such as operation and in/output status of relay and circuit breaker, a user’s
  controlling details, and savable memory are available
•When a problem occurs, up to 200 detailed information regarding its root cause, voltage in breakdown/data
  on voltage
•By adopting GLOFA GM7 PLC, sequence easily can be organized, wiring can be simplified and cost can be
•Harmonics spectrum is displayed, and input voltage and current phase is displayed as vector diagram
•Current-measuring instrument proper for time characteristic wireless monitoring and load characteristic can
  be implemented
•This is an application program to support the simulation for various functions of LS Industrial System Co.'s
  protection relays (system protection, measurement, PQ, PLC, etc.).  Since, by using NI DAQ equipment, it is
  possible to set high-precision parameter inputs and produce abnormal waveforms (sag, swell, interruption)
  related to the high frequency and power quality generated on sites, the application program is provided to
  embody the simulated test and simulation on various functions of digitally-integrated relays.
•It is possible to conduct the simulated test of various protection relays by embodying high-frequency/PQ
  abnormal waveforms and controlling the phase of input waveforms.
•All sorts of relay elements can be operated, measured in various forms, and monitored by making such output
  signals desired by users as troubled waveforms and abnormal waveforms of the power system and then
  inputting them in protection relays.  The wave forms are produced by using H/W and LabVIEW programs
  composed of NI cDAQ
•This can be controlled by the 15" touching computer (Intel 2.8G). (built-in type)