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Manufacturing Execution System-MESalpha

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MES (Manufacturing Execution System), a management solution for integrated manufacturing

•It allows you to use the core features of the MES including lot tracing, work-in-process control/inventory
  control, process control, data collection and analysis, and so on while converting collecting and analyzing
  production information throughout the manufacturing operation into the one centered on the system,
  which allows you to experience the effect of productivity improvement on company-wide development.
•Mounted with a standard report that can be immediately utilized without having additional development
  and also with a standard OI in which the operator’s convenience is taken into consideration.
•Made up in a 3-tier architecture of DB layer, business logic layer and client layer, which ensures the safety of
  system operations.
•The server optimized for the MESalpha with standard specifications, OS and DBMS are provided in all-in-one