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Smart Factory Test Bed-IEG 3434

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Smart Factory Test Bed

•It is smart factory equipment, education equipment of the integrated manufacturing process system through the
  optimization of smart factory systems, which enables monitoring in connection with automation process
  control, real-time data process and the system.
•Various practices on automation systems available by being applied to the manufacturing processes
  at industrial sites from the assembly process to disassembly process.
•Teaching-Learning through the composition of PLC-based industrial network system (Fieldbus Network)
•Big data practices based on the real-time data collection and analysis process of the core device through the
  OPC server (DB)
•Monitoring the current status of the facilities available by utilizing the real-time data including targeted
  production volume, material input status and inspection, final products production status, facility operation rate
  and so forth.
•Intraoperative controlling of mobile & tablet, and the real-time monitoring available by using applications